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We will meet to discuss your collection and what you’d like to create.

Phone or Skype

The process begins with a consultation in which we discuss your intentions for your project, the size and condition of your collection, and the best delivery vehicle for your project.

Transcription / Digitization

We transcribe and/or scan your letters, diaries, journals, notebooks, oral histories, etc.

Physical Documents

Transcription &/or scanning of handwritten or previously typed documents for which no data files are available. 

audio video
Audio & Video

Transcription of audio and/or video material. Audio material may be digital or analog (mini or micro cassette). Video must be digital.

Organization & Compilation

The digital version of the material is organized – usually by date and/or subject – for easy retrieval, and it is delivered in your preferred format (including but not limited to the following).

Electronic Files

All materials will be transcribed into Microsoft Word or scanned and delivered to you via email, Dropbox, &/or on an M-Disc.

Interactive PDFs

Your transcribed materials can be compiled into an interactive PDF with table of contents and search capabilities.


We will create a book from your transcribed materials, using an online service to self-publish and print books for distribution.


Large amounts of material may best be shared via a password-protected website.

Add-On Services

site visit
On-Site Assessments

JournalScribe will come to you to evaluate your collection and prep it for shipment. 

archival storage
Archival Supplies

JournalScribe will repackage your collection using archival quality materials to protect it. 

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Sounds great! What's the cost?


Because every project is unique – from the size and type of the original materials to the final product – it’s impossible to do one-size-fits-all pricing. Each project will be evaluated and a proposal prepared. Two scenarios are provided to give you some idea of project pricing…

Scenario One

Description: Transcribe and scan handwritten diaries. Deliver digital files on M-Disc and upload to password-protected website. Rehouse and return original materials in archival quality, acid-free containers.

Specs: 2 notebooks, 8.5 x 11, total 332 pages (front & back). Average size handwriting, every line, both sides. 200 items of ephemera included.

Price: $1885

Scenario Two

Description: Transcribe and scan handwritten letters. Organize letters, compile, and self-publish soft-cover book. Provide digital files on M-Disc. Rehouse and return original letters in archival quality, acid-free containers.

Specs: 300 letters, average size 2 sheets of 7 x 11. Total of 1200 pages (front and back). Average size handwriting. No ephemera included.

Price: $3850

“We are continuously amazed by just how quickly and accurately the transcripts are completed. [Liz] is always ready to take on our large-scale, often challenging projects and the end results are always the same: top quality delivered on or before the scheduled deadlines.”

~ Heide Osterlye-Collins, Wordshop Translations

“I absolutely loved every page! Thank you so much, Liz, for doing such a wonderful job putting it all together. Just a great nostalgic book.”

~ Jean Wiegand

“I simply cannot speak highly enough of [Liz's] superb transcribing skills. The documents she sends back are incredibly accurate. I've come to realize she goes above and beyond."

~Paula Stahel, Breath and Shadows Productions

“Liz, thanks for all the work that you do for me. I really appreciate it. Your transcriptions are right on point, and your work is impeccable.”

~ Carl Gould, 7Stage Advisors