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Sharing and Caring for Your Family History
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“My mother kept diaries, and I took possession of them when she died. Those books contained wonderful stories and memories. Several years later our basement flooded. Everything was ruined – including the diaries. It breaks my heart to think of what is gone forever.”

“The father I knew was not the same man I found in his letters. To me he was always very staid and serious. Not in these letters though! I had no idea he was so funny nor that he was so involved in sports and theater and just plain goofing off! I’m so happy I got to see this side of him.”

Two different stories, two different outcomes. If you want to make sure your letters and diaries are preserved, the time to act is now. You never know what tomorrow will bring, and the last thing you want to do is lose your family treasures forever.

What is JournalScribe?

JournalScribe organizes and transforms your collection of letters, diaries, journals, and oral histories into searchable, shareable documents – and protects them from the ravages of time, providing you with something you can hand down from generation to generation.


In your letters and journals there are forgotten treasures waiting to be discovered. Whether your own journals or those of a family member, you will discover things you may not have realized about yourself or your family.


When we digitize letters and journals, it makes them more manageable and easier to share with family members. (If we’re working on your personal journals, sharing may not be a priority for you, and that’s fine.)


Your journals and letters will be protected and preserved. We’ll digitize the content and preserve the originals in acid-free boxes and folders to make sure they survive for generations to come. 

You've come to the right place if ...

  • You have boxes, drawers, or closets overflowing with journals and letters.
  • You want to find something and you don’t know where to begin to look.
  • You have a treasure trove of letters or diaries to share with your family but it’s not feasible to share boxes of materials.
  • You are afraid that something could happen to the documents and they’ll be lost forever. 

JournalScribe helps you gain control over handwritten documents, previously typed documents, and oral recordings. We digitize the documents through transcription and/or scanning. Once they are in digital format, it makes it so much easier for you to share and search the materials. Plus you have a backup so if anything should happen to the original material, the stories aren’t lost forever. 

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Your Personal Archivist

Liz Watson, Archivist
Liz Watson

My passion is preserving our history one person, one family at a time. I hold degrees in history and library science where I focused my studies on archives management. I worked for several years as a corporate archivist and then went on to helping small businesses succeed online. This combination of archival and technical backgrounds makes me uniquely qualified to organize and preserve your collection. Let’s get started today to make sure your important and valuable documents are protected. Let me be your Personal Archivist.